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Starter Kit for Groomers

Starter Kit for Groomers

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Our Starter Kit for Groomers was developed to improve the health and hygiene of pets, as well as their owner's experience with the groomers. The products included were carefully chosen specifically to enhance the lives of groomers and their customers who want only the best for their pets. 


*If you're a professional groomer, please email us for a discount



What it includes
      • 3 bottles of Dental Water Additives
      • 3 jars of Dental Care Wipes
      • 1 bottle of Probiotic chews
      • 10 travel packs of Probiotic chews
      • 10 travel packs of Calming chews
      • 2 jars of Skin & Coat chews


Dental Water Additive
Clinically proven to reduce plaque and bacteria build-up on pet's teeth. Groomers can send it home with their customers after every visit, so they too can establish an easy, proper, dental care routine at home with their pets.


Dental Care Wipes
Easy to use, gentle, pre-soaked wipes to replace harsh, messy teeth brushing during their visit. Or groomers can send this home to their customers as well.



Reduce the incidence of stress related diarrhea after each pet's visit. Our perfectly sized travel packs can be easily given to your customer as a thank you token after their grooming visit.


Calming chews
Relieve the stress and anxiety pets may feel from a visit to the groomers. Our travel packs can also be given to your customer for future grooming visits.


Skin & Coat
A well-rounded supplement can be given to pets that you may see suffering from irritated, dry, flaky skin or acne.
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