Ouch! How to Help your Pet at Home with Bee Stings! Wellnergy Pets

Ouch! How to Help your Pet at Home with Bee Stings!

It’s summer! And the bees are out! Which means I’m seeing more of these bee sting cases, but did you know, you can help to decrease the reaction sometimes by taking quick action? 

Just like in people, the bee sting venom can cause problems ranging from mild irritation to life- threatening shock in pets.

Here’s what you can do to help:
1. Remove the Stinger - Flick it off, don’t use tweezers
2. Soothe the Site - Wellnergy Pets Soothing Balm is my favorite option 
3. Minimize Swelling - Using an ice pack on the area for a few minutes helps
4. Decrease Allergic Reaction - Give Benadryl 1mg/lb of your dogs’ weight by mouth.

5. Keep in mind that even with first aid started at home, severe cases require prompt medical care as anaphylactic shock can be very fatal very fast! Take your pet the vet if you’re seeing signs of:

- Severe Swelling
- Hives
- Difficulty Breathing

- Excessive Drooling/Vomiting
- Dizziness/Seizures/Fainting

Save and bookmark this blog if you have a curious pup so you can look back on in case of an emergency bee sting! You can help your pet more than you know! 

About the Author:

Dr. Zonram Liao D.V.M.

Dr. Zonram Liao D.V.M. is a Southern California native, and earned his undergraduate degree from University of California, San Diego before obtaining his veterinary degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. He is not only a firm believer in the use of supportive care supplements to improve the health and happiness of his patients, but also is a strong advocate of the benefits of preventive care medicine for his patients as well. During his free time, Dr. Liao enjoys spending his time outdoors fishing and hiking, playing basketball, watching movies, cooking, traveling, and trying new foods.



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