Happy National Camping Month! Wellnergy Pets

Happy National Camping Month!

Happy #NationalCampingMonth to all you future travelers🌲🐾 As our world starts to normalize, you may be thinking about exploring the great outdoors😍 But what about your furbaby?🤔


Here's 5 great tips when it comes to camping with your pet:

1. There’s nothing worse than hitting the road with your four-legged friend only to arrive at your destination and find a No Dogs Allowed sign.😭 Whatever kind of camping trip you have in mind, be sure to call ahead or research online to find dog-friendly campgrounds and trails.💻📞

2. Your pet is your constant companion🐶🐱 Don’t plan to leave them at camp alone when you embark for that day hike. It’s not only potentially disruptive for other campers, but weather can change fast or wildlife can wander through.🐻⛺️

3. Keep your pet on a leash when at camp! Campgrounds nearly universally require that dogs remain on leashes of no longer than 6 feet.💁‍♀️ It’s probably worth brushing up on your “leave it” command too, just in case!🤓

4. Use pick-up bags when needed. With more people appreciating the outdoors with their dogs, there’s more dog waste in the woods, and unfortunately, it can hurt the environment!💩❌

5. Lastly, pack provisions accordingly.🌲🧳 Your kit should include a bowl, water and kibble. At Wellnergy Pets, we also provide travel packs of our Probiotics and Calming Chews that make it easy to pack and take with you on-the-go!🎒🐾

Check out our Probiotic Travel Packs below! and our Calming Chew Travel Packs Here!



We hope these tips help you and your furry friends have a great summer filled with fun times!  As always, feel free to reach out to our team on Facebook, Instagram, email, or in the comments section below if you have any further questions. Post your favorite summer pictures of your pet and don’t forget to #wellnergypets! Have a wonderful summer everyone!

About the Author:

Dr. Zonram Liao D.V.M.Dr. Zonram Liao D.V.M. is a Southern California native, and earned his undergraduate degree from University of California, San Diego before obtaining his veterinary degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. He is not only a firm believer in the use of supportive care supplements to improve the health and happiness of his patients, but also is a strong advocate of the benefits of preventive care medicine for his patients as well. During his free time, Dr. Liao enjoys spending his time outdoors fishing and hiking, playing basketball, watching movies, cooking, traveling, and trying new foods.

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