Finding a Good Trainer for your Cat

Finding a Good Trainer for your Cat

Training a cat has been great interest to people, as to weather you can train a cat or not. Cats are independent animals, which leads people to believe training will not be able to be done. With the different personalities, characteristic or species peculiarities in cats, training can be fun.

Looking for a good trainer takes time and work to do, some one that claims they have been working with cats for years are not always what they appear to be. Ask this person how many cats they train a year. This will give you an idea if they have really trained a cat or just seem to think they are a trainer.

Asking the right people for the right information is going to lead you to the best trainer for you and the cat. Asking friends or the vet for information about training will not be a great idea. A trainer can tell when the behavior is a medical problem and will lead you to the vet, as they are the ones that deal with the medical problem and the trainer with the training problem. We are selves would not go to a heart doctor if our foot is hurting. Putting a cat on drugs for behavior problems is not a good idea until you are sure that the behavior is not a genetic or psychotic one. You can spend a lot of time and money if you are not careful with finding a good trainer.


When considering a trainer there are a few areas, which can help you in searching.

What is the approach they take? Is it flexible enough for the cat and you? Anyone sticking to certain way of training is not a trainer and that you should consider when looking for a trainer. Treats, negative reinforcement, and punishment will not be an answer in training a cat.

Communication and to communicate clearly, are they able to do this? Big words, terminology will not help in the training of the cat or the communication with you and your cat.

Not only do they possess cat skill but also people skills, you and your cat both will be working with them. Can they teach you properly how to doing things with your cat?


Considering an individual cat or are they more interested in solving the problem. Training a cat can be easy. With different breed of cats and personalities, each cat needs consideration.

Teaching skills, are the skills, something that you and your cat are able to do. Being successful for you and the cat is a very important as part as training goes. You will need to be able to learn skills from the trainer to help your cat with the training. The trainer will not be at the home all the time.

How long have they been in the profession for training a cat? Find one that has been in the business for a while and with a stable business, not one that may pack up and leave before the training is done and once the training is done you may need contact with them for some situations.


Humane methods are the use trust, understanding and respect which are good traits for a trainer.

Harsh techniques will not be good enough for the cat and for you. This is not a good practice and the trainer should not be a trainer.

Are you comfortable and is your cat comfortable around this trainer? If you or your cat is not comfortable with the trainer, the time and money that you put in for the training will be as effective as the training of your cat. In addition, the cat will not allow the training to proceed.


Finding a good trainer is someone who can take the job to on. Remembering the simple areas to look for will help you when choosing a trainer. Most important will be communication. If you and your cat are unable to communicate with the trainer, there is no training.

With the proper research, you and your cat will be on your way to a great training session.

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