Dog Breed Series: All About your Pug Part 1 Wellnergy Pets

Dog Breed Series: All About your Pug Part 1

I’m Dr. Zonram Liao, founder of Wellnergy Pets, and I wanted to personally thank you for signing up for our newsletter, and thank you for joining the Wellnergy Pets Family! As a general practice veterinarian, I see how important pets are to people on a daily basis and understand that the bond with your pet is a sacred one. And I aim to protect that bond for as long as possible. 


I see that you have a Pug, awesome! They are outgoing, even-tempered and animated. You should also know that they are predisposed to a number of ailments. I’m happy to help you learn how to manage these problems early, so that we can help your Pug maintain his/her optimal health:

Today’s Tip #1: Watch those Knees!

Pugs and many other small breed dogs are predisposed to Patellar Luxation. Patellar Luxation is an inherited condition where the groove in which the knee cap (aka ‘patella’) normally sits nice and snug, is abnormally shallow. This causes the knee cap to pop out of place (aka ‘luxates’). This bone to bone movement of the knee cap in and out of its groove causes the cartilage and bone structures of the knee joint to rub, grind, and wear out over time. Understandably, the results of this excessive wear and tear can lead to severe deterioration, arthritis, pain, and even predispose your Pug to other severe joint injuries over time. 

The best way to manage and care for our Pugs with Patellar Luxation and arthritis is by controlling their weight, not letting them get too heavy, and with joint supplements. Early treatment with joint supplements containing Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin is key in providing increased cartilage cushioning & joint lubrication, aiding in inflammatory & pain relief, keeping severe arthritis at bay, and for managing Patellar Luxation long term. I personally recommend our Joint Support supplement for management of Patellar Luxation, as it provides, in addition to the essential Glucosamine, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, and Chondroitin support, a powerful bite-sized joint supplement that is free of animal proteins. Perfect for our Pugs, a breed that is prone to developing food allergies and protein sensitivities (more on that in our coming installments of our Shih-Tzu mini-series!).

(Picture and link to Joint Support)

Thanks again for subscribing! We’ll talk to you in the next installment of our Wellnergy Pets Breed Wellness Mini-Series! 

Dr. Zonram Liao

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