Cat Training: Collar

Cat Training: Collar

Cats like dogs, will need a collar. There will be times when you will want to walk the cat or let your cat out on a leash. With having a collar it will be easy to do both of these.

Collar training does take time, patience on both the cat and on your part. If your cat has never worn a collar, you will need to take the training step by step.

Let us look at getting a collar for your cat. The market is flooded with collars all shape and sizes, to every color and design that you can think of, cheap collars to expensive collars. When looking at collars you will also see harness for cats, this can be in place of the collar. You would place the harness around the cat to serve the same as a collar.

Some example of leashed and collars that glow in the dark and some that do have a small light on so at night you would be able to see the cat outside and know where it is.


Which one is the right collar for your cat? One of things when purchasing a collar for your cat is you do not want one that is too big , one with a lot of collar hanging over once you put it on, and of course never get a collar or put a collar on that is too tight for the cat. You will want the collar to have at least a good finger lose on the collar, but not to lose, as you do not want the collar to come off.

When purchasing the collar for the cat, when you get it home the first thing you might want to do with it is wipe it off with warm water, to help gets rid of smells from other people or pets. If there is any other smells on the collar, the cat may not want to have anything to do with the collar. .

Put the collar down and let the cat check it out for a while, they will rub on it, could even hiss at it, which all of these acts are a good sign that thing may go well. You will then after think the cat has been all right with the collar, but now your cat is in need to relax. A good idea would be to get the cat in your lap and massage the cat. This will help the cat to relax, after you see that the cat has relaxed for a while, now is the time to lay the collar around the cats neck to get the cat use to the collar. You will want to put the collar on your cat a couple times a day until you know that the cat is allowing the collar to stay there.


The next step would be to put the collar on the cat but to leave it as loose as you can, so if your cat is not ready they will get it off right away. Do not slip the collar over the cats head, but you will need to buckle the collar the proper way. Putting the collar over the cats head could scare the cat. As the cat gets used to the collar, you should then every day tighten up the collar until you have the proper adjustment for the cat.

After the cat has worn the collar for several days that would be a good, time to start the leash for the cat. Following the same principle as you did for the collar on your cat you can do the same for the leash. This will be very important for the cat to know that the leash is a good tool and not something that will harm them.

With the training of the collar and leash, you will want to reward the cat with a small treat at different stages of the cat getting use to having the collar on. This will help also with using the leash.

The training of a cat collar will take a lot of patience and care from you for your cat.

In the end, the rewards for both you and the cat will be great.

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