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Litter Training your Cat Part 2

Have there been times when you come home from working all day and find the cat has a mess all over, or in one area. You then have to go and get it cleaned as the cat sits and stares at you as if they have done nothing wrong. This is right!

Cats like children have to be taught. Patience, time, kitty litter, litter box are items that you will want to consider when getting ready to train the cat to use the litter box. Patience, cats do not know that when living in your home or any other home that the litter box with fresh smelling litter, clean and never used is for them. Putting a litter box down and filling it with litter, telling the cat this is the place for them to make their mess is not going to do. Time, this is not going to happen overnight. It could but do not set your goals to high for an over night miracle.

Cats will only void in a clean litter box. Once its not clean or has not been clean for a while and smells, the cat will not use it. The litter box should be in somewhat a private area for the cat. Cats like privacy to go to the bathroom, as we need privacy.

Kitty litter, there are simple plain litter to scratch and sniff litter. Textures of litter, recyclable newspaper, and compressed pine shaving that give off natural pine scents, pellets with different scents, ground corn, wheat, or conventional granule type. If you are going to change the type of cat litter you use mix it gradually with the litter that you use. This will get the cat use to the smell, feel and how the new litter will perform. Changing litter and gradually introducing the new litter to the cat can cause problems with the cat using the new litter.

Litter boxes are usually plastic that would be a recommended to use. As the box gets older sometimes, the smell does get in the plastic material and does not come out. Litter boxes are very inexpensive so getting a new one when you have to be not a large cost. Once you clean all the litter out of litter box, take good soapy water and wash the box, rinse very well with water. Let set and dry for a bit. If it is, a nice day out side in the sun is a great place. The sun has a good dry agent that helps take odors out. Then wipe down with ammonia water to help absorb the smell from the cat. After letting that dry good, then refill the cat litter box with the litter that you use.

Training the cat to use the litter box is sometime an easy task. Take the cat a couple times a day to the litter box to let them know that they are able to be in there. Show them that they are able to dig around in the litter. A short time after the cat has eaten in the morning and evening take the cat to the litter box

Cat will associate eating and going potty as a good behavior. If a cat does make a mess on the floor do not rub it nose in it as you can hurt them and they will not know what you are try to accomplish. Take the cat right to the litter box for them to know that this is where they should be. Remember when training rewards are great tools for getting a cat to associate that they are doing a good job.

If you are not having good results in training your cat to use the liter box, there are a couple of things to look at. Put some catnip in the box as this scent is that cats love and will attracted them to the catnip. On the other hand, you may have to call your local vet to get some tips or have the cat go in and see the vet. If a cat is sick or ill, they will not be willing to participate with the training.

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